Eights Regatta (2021)

What is the Eights Regatta?

Following the cancellation of the May Bumps 2021, CUCBC organised and ran an Eights Regatta, which was held from Monday 21st June to Thursday 24th June. A "Getting On Race" was held on Sunday 20th June to place crews into the divisions of the regatta.

Unlike a traditional knock-out regatta, each crew continues to race every day, to provide as much racing as possible. Each day of racing was organised to place crews which had performed equally so far up against each other. For example, a crew which won on the first two days faced another crew which had won on the first two days, and a crew which had lost twice and won once raced another crew which had lost twice and won once, and so on.

Getting-on Race

The results from the Getting-on Race can be found here.


The final results are now available.

Regatta Divisions

Given the low number of mixed crews entered, the mixed crews raced in the mens' second divisions. The mixed crews first raced other mixed crews to determine the division winner, and were then drawn and raced with those in the men's second division who had already lost at least one race. There were eight divisions in total. The timings for the divisions were:

Division Marshalling Time Race Times
NW2 12:45 (at start) 13:00 - 13:45
NM2 / NMx 13:30 14:00 - 14:30
NW1 14:15 14:45 - 15:15
NM1 15:00 15:30 - 16:00
SW2 15:45 16:15 - 17:00
SM2 / SMx 16:45 17:15 - 18:00
SW1 17:45 18:15 - 18:45
SM1 18:30 19:00 - 19:30

To keep the top division competitive and similar to regatta-styles, the fastest 16 crews from the GoR competed in the SM1, SW1, NM1 and NW1 divisions. As agreed in the captain's meeting, the winning crews from SM1 and SW1 will receive University Medals. The winning crews from all other divisions will recieve engraved glass tankards. The winning crews in these divisions were the crews which won the most races over the four days. This meant that for some second divisions, tie-breaker races were required after the racing on the final day. These races occurred in the next timetabled division on the final day.

Marshalling and Race instructions are attached below. Please read these carefully; we have some large divisions and most importantly: make sure you only spin under instruction.


Following the recent announcement delaying the final relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, spectators are strongly discouraged from the Regatta.

We have taken measures in organising the Regatta to limit the number of individuals required to run the races and ensure there’s no contact intended between any of the crews racing. However, even a relatively small number of spectators on the towpath could make it impossible for us to run the regatta safely and efficiently.

Whilst we cannot close the towpath nor Ditton Meadows to the public, spectators are strongly discouraged from both, and particularly from the towpath. If there are too many spectators and it’s not clear that they are all obeying the maximum group size (currently 30) and observing social distancing, we may be forced to suspend the regatta and cancel the remaining races, which would obviously be extremely disappointing for all competitors, college clubs and organisers. Public and competitor safety is and must always be our first priority.

Marshals and Umpires

The Marshals' Rota can be found here. The instructions for Marshals and Umpires are attached below. Many thanks for the over seventy individuals who have volunteered to umpire! The Umpires briefing was held virtually - the recording and Umpires rotas have been circulated by email.

Locations of key points


The rules of the regatta, as approved by the CUCBC Captains at the Captains Meeting on Sunday 16th May, are available here.

JER GoR and Regatta Race Marshalling Instructions92.33 KB
JER Marshalling and Umpiring Instructions.pdf43.01 KB

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