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The CUCBC Mailing Lists provide a mechanism for contacting the members of the Cambridge University rowing community. Each of our mailing lists is hosted on the Google Groups platform, which you can use to manage your subsription, or view the archives of past messages sent to the lists (beginning January 2024).

For individuals requiring information relating to rowing in Cambridge. Information about the flag status, river closures and events is sent to this list.
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Announcements and information for coxes on the River Cam (all College coxes should join this list). Information about flag status and river closures is sent to this list.
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Announcements and information for College Captains delivered direct to captains' CUCBC email accounts (other addresses will not be added to this list).
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Announcements and information for College Boatmen and Women. To join or leave this list, please e-mail webmaster[at]
Announcements and information for all College Club Water Safety Officers. To join or leave this list, please e-mail webmaster[at]
Announcements and information for the Senior Treasurers of College and University Boat Clubs. To join or leave this list, please e-mail webmaster[at]

Please read the Mailing List and Etiquette Guidelines before sending email to any of the lists. All posts to the lists will be moderated.

All list e-mail addresses are

Mailing List FAQs

Which List Should I Join?

If you want to keep up to date with rowing in Cambridge - flag status, river closures, event dates, event entry forms etc - then join the Contacts List. If you are a cox it is important that you are also on the Coxes' List.

How do I subscribe to the Contacts or Coxes Lists?

The Contacts and Coxes lists are public, and anyone can join. To do so, send a blank email (from the address you wish to sign up to the list) to either or You will then receive a confirmation email from the Google Groups system. You need to reply to this confirmation message (it doesn't matter what is in the message) to complete your subscription.

Can I join the Captains' List?

If you are the Captain of a CUCBC Club then you'll automatically receive Captains' List emails via your CUCBC Email Account so you do not  need to subscribe. If you are not a Captain then you should subscribe to the Contacts List instead - see above.

Why can't I join the Boatmen/Safety/STS List?

In order to join these lists you should email webmaster[at] explaining you want to join the list and stating which Club you are Boatman/Safety Officer/ST for.

My message hasn't got through to the list. Why?

Probably because our spam filtering system blocked it. If this is the case (i.e. the message didn't get through AND you didn't receive a "Post held for moderation" email) then forward your message to webmaster[at] and we'll direct it to the relevant list(s).

I'm receiving junk mail from the list. Why?

Unfortunately the CUCBC lists attract hundreds of junk emails every day. We do our utmost to prevent any reaching users but every so often a few evade all the various levels of our filtering system. So far our track record is pretty good - about 1 in 10,000 get through - but email webmaster[at] if you get more than the very occasional junk posting.

How do I unsubscribe from a mailing list?

To unsubscribe from Contacts and Coxes, you can use the ubsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from the list, or you can visit the list archive page from the link above and use the option there to ubsubscribe. For all other lists, please e-mail webmaster[at]

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