Colquhoun Sculls

Rules submitted by the Lady Margaret Boat Club
A pair of silver sculls having been presented to the Lady Margaret Boat Club by James Colquhoun, formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge, for the purposes of establishing a sculling match, to be rowed annually, and the donor having left it to the option of the members of the said Club whether they alone, or the members of all the Boat Clubs of the University, be subject to such Rules as the said Club may decide upon, should be admitted as competitors, a Committee, chosen by the Club for the consideration of the subject, having consented to lay it open to the University Boat Clubs, have for this purpose drawn up the following Laws, reserving, nevertheless, to the Lady Margaret Boat Club, the power of resuming this grant, and of remodelling, either entirely or partially, any one or all of the Laws hereinafter laid down, and also the power of adding thereto or taking therefrom, according to how circumstances may be deemed to demand."
St. John's College, Cambridge, December 12, 1836


    1. That this be a time race to be decided by heats.
    2. That the heats and stations be decided by draw, conducted by the Captain of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, or his deputy.
    3. That the competitors start 100 yards apart.
    4. That the competitor drawing the last station shall start from the Little Bridge at Baitsbite.
    5. That the first winning post shall be placed 78 yards below the Railway Bridge.
  1. That these races take place annually from the 0th Monday to the 0th Wednesday of the Easter Term.
  2. That any member of the University qualified to row in CUCBC-run races according to Regulations for Racing, Rule 1 be qualified to compete.
    1. That the entrance fee be determined by the Lady Margaret Boat Club.
    2. That the name of each competitor, together with the entrance fee, and the name of his Club or College, must reach the Captain of the Lady Margaret Boat Club not later than the Saturday before the races.
    3. That members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club be exempt from the entrance fee.
  3. That the Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club have the power of appointing all umpires, starters, and judges, presenting the prize to the successful candidate, and determining all and every dispute that may arise among the competitors.
  4. That the winner be allowed to hold the Sculls until the First of November following the race, and that he then return them to the Captain of the Lady Margaret Boat Club.
  5. That two boats only start in one heat, each boat to abide by its own accidents.
  6. That the second boat shall not touch nor ordinarily endeavour to pass the first boat, but may pass at the discretion of the Umpire.
  7. That if the difference between the two boats at the finish of a race be less than one second, the Umpire shall deem the race a dead heat.
  8. That in the event of a dead heat in any trial or final round, the race is to be re-rowed, either immediately, or at a time to be appointed by the Committee of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, this being at the discretion of the Umpire.
  9. That competitors may be coached and steered up to and during the races.

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