Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Agreement under which the race is rowed:

  1. That the Race be rowed under the ARA Laws of Boat Racing as of 1st January 1958, that is to say that "A boat's proper course is such course as will enable it to reach the winning post in the shortest possible time, provided it allows ample water for every other competing boat to steer its proper course on the side on which such competing boat started, when such competing boat is in a position to enforce its right to such water. Any boat failing to keep to its proper course does so at its peril in the event of a foul occurring", but subject also to the following:
  2. That the Umpire take control at the Toss.
  3. That in the event of bad weather, and the stake-boats being placed in sheltered water, the Umpire instruct the coxswains as to the course to be steered.
  4. That if, before the crews reach the top of the Wall, any serious accident should happen to either boat, which, in the opinion of the Umpire, is not due to the fault of any individual member of the crew, the Umpire have the power to recall and restart the crews.
  5. That if either crew, before reaching the top of the Wall, should in the opinion of the Umpire be so waterlogged through no fault of its own as to be put out of the Race, the Umpire have the power to declare it NO RACE, in which case he shall consult with the Presidents as to when the Race shall be re-rowed.
  6. That if either boat be interfered with by any barge, steamer, or other obstacle to such an extent as, in the opinion of the Umpire, to have a material effect on the Race, the crews shall start again at such a time and place as the Umpire shall decide. If, however, it is impossible to restart at once he shall consult with the Presidents of the two Boat Clubs.
  7. That the Umpire caution the coxswains of the boat out of its proper course if he thinks there is a probability of a foul occurring.
  8. That appeals during the Race to be made by the oarsman or crew concerned holding up his or their hands.
  9. That both boats pass through the centre arches of Hammersmith and Barnes Bridges; the crew failing to comply with this Rule shall be ipso facto disqualified.

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