Michell Cup

  1. That the Michell Cup, presented in 1923 in memory of Dr. R. W. Michell, be awarded by the CUCBC to the Boat Club giving the best performance on the river during the course of the academic year.
  2. That the Cup be awarded at the end of each academic year to the Boat Club scoring the most number of points.
  3. That in order to be eligible to compete for the Cup a College Boat Club must have three or more eights in both the Lent and the May Races.
  4. That 12 points be awarded for each place gained in the Lent and May Races
  5. That the Head of the River crew be awarded 12 points for each night that it rows over.
  6. That the top 2nd and 3rd Men's eights and the top 2nd and 3rd Women's eights be awarded 6 points for each night that they row over.
  7. That 12 points be subtracted for each place lost.
  8. That the total number of points awarded in the Lent and May Races be divided by the number of boats that the Club has in the respective event.
  9. That 12 points be awarded to the Boat Club winning the Light Fours, Men's and Women's 1st division Coxed Fours, Magdalene Pairs, Foster-Fairbairn Pairs*, Lowe Double Sculls, Colquhoun Sculls, Fairbairn Junior Sculls*, Delafield Sculls, Peter Brandt and Maiden Sculls*, Fairbairn Cup (Senior eights), or Clare Novices' Regatta (Cup event), or any event subsequently approved by the CUCBC for competition in the Michell Cup (the points are divided if the winners of the Pair-Oared and Double Sculls events come from different Boat Clubs). That should any of these events be tied with the winners from different Clubs, each Club be awarded the full number of the points.
    * Points will only be awarded for these events if there are four or more entrants in
    each of the men’s and women’s races.
  10. That in the event of a tie between two Clubs, that Club having the larger number of people rowing or coxing in the University Trial Eights Races be awarded the Cup.
  11. That in the event of a further tie, the Club having the larger number of boats on the river (total of Lents and Mays) be the winner.
  12. That should these points still leave a tie, the Cup be awarded to the Club whose highest placed first boat stands higher in the May Races.

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