The Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs (CUCBC) is the umbrella organisation for student rowing at the University of Cambridge and is comprised of the University Club (CUBC) and the College Boat Clubs.

The CUCBC has three constitutional objectives:

  • To ensure the safe use of the Cam between Jesus Lock and Bottisham Lock by the University and College Clubs and to encourage courtesy to other river users.
  • To define and organise races between the College Crews. Such events should be in the best interests of the development of Cambridge College rowing and should take into account the wishes of the College Clubs.
  • To represent University and College rowing interests and such other matters relating to the Cam and subsequently the Cambridge Rowing Lake as shall be decided at general meetings.

However, the majority of the work performed by the CUCBC is managing and aiding Collegiate rowing, therefore relieving the University clubs of this obligation, allowing them to concentrate on defeating Oxford in the annual Boat Races.

Of the races that CUCBC organises, by far the most famous are the Lent and May Bumps. Bumping races are a form of racing that originated in Cambridge, and are a fantastic event for both spectators and competitors alike. CUCBC also organises the annual University IVs competition (Michaelmas Term) and the Small Boats Regatta (Easter Term).

The CUCBC has an Executive Committee of five (or more) members: Chair, Senior Treasurer, CUBC Hon. Secretary, Coxing Representative, and the Web Team. These positions are elected annually by the Captains of the boatclubs, bar the Coxing Representive who is elected by the coxes, and the Web Team, who are co-opted.

If you need to get in contact with a member of the committee, please use the Contact Page.

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