Peter Brandt Sculls (Men)

Competition Information
Regatta:Small Boats Regatta 2011
Competition:Peter Brandt Sculls (Men)
Date:Mon 25th Apr - Wed 27th Apr 2011
Entry Deadline:Sun 17th Apr 2011 - 23:45
Results Tree
Round 1Quarter-FinalsSemi-FinalsFinalWinner
Queens' (Varley)   
Race 18-R1-1Jesus (Scott)  
Jesus (Scott)   
 Race 18-QF-1Emmanuel (Kenyon) 
 Emmanuel (Kenyon)  
  Race 18-SF-1Emmanuel (Kenyon)
 Caius (Lloyd)  
 Race 18-QF-2Caius (Lloyd) 
Corpus Christi (Johnson)   
Race 18-R1-4Corpus Christi (Johnson)  
St. Catharine's (Dabral)   
   Race 18-F-1Emmanuel (Kenyon)
 Trinity Hall (Rao)  
 Race 18-QF-3Trinity Hall (Rao) 
 Caius (McCoy)  
  Race 18-SF-2Churchill (Hamilton)
Churchill (Hamilton)   
Race 18-R1-7Churchill (Hamilton)  
Jesus (Bray)   
 Race 18-QF-4Churchill (Hamilton) 
 Christ's (Mosk)  

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