Policy on Safety and Courtesy


The CUCBC regards safety on the river as a matter of prime importance and will do everything possible to maintain safety on that portion of the River Cam used for college rowing.

The CUCBC endorses the water safety policy and practice of British Rowing and requires that those rowing on the Cam adopt the guidance rules in the BR RowSafe guide. These booklets have been issued to all College Boat Clubs and clubs are required to make the rules known to club members. Further copies are available from BR.

Each club must appoint a Safety Officer whose name must be notified to the Secretary of the CUCBC and the CUCBC Safety Advisor. BR requires clubs to complete an annual Water Safety Audit and submit it to the Association. Any club failing to complete and return the Safety Audit to BR (copied to the CUCBC Safety Advisor) by the due date will be banned from all events on the River Cam until confirmation has been received that the Safety Audit has been submitted.

The CUCBC has published a set of Ten Rules, particularly applicable to rowing on the River Cam and has made these widely available.


All members of College Boat Clubs are reminded that rowing is a sport in which high standards of behaviour and courtesy are expected and particularly so within a University setting.

Members are reminded that the River Cam is used for a wide variety of recreational interests and that, particularly in view of the congestion which exists between Baitsbite and Jesus Lock, they should show courtesy to all those using the area.

The CUCBC will not tolerate bad behaviour on either the river itself or on the towpath, either by crews, coaches or supporters. It hopes that good sense will prevail in this respect, but if not, will apply penalties to individuals or clubs that offend.

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