Alphanumeric Registration Codes

The CUCBC defines the alphanumeric registration codes as being comprised of two or three letters, identifying the club to which the boat belongs, followed by a number such as to form a unique sequence for each boat. The following is a list of the letter codes to be used by each boat club.

Code Club
AD Addenbrooke's
CCA Anglia Ruskin
CAI Caius
CCO Christ's
CLA Clare
CLH Clare Hall
COR Corpus Christi
CHU Churchill
DAW Darwin
DOW Downing
ED St. Edmund's
EMM Emmanuel
FIT Fitzwilliam
GIR Girton
HOM Homerton
HU Hughes Hall
JEC Jesus
KCB King's
LC Lucy Cavendish
LMB Lady Margaret
MGD Magdalene
NEH New Hall
NNM Newnham
PEM Pembroke
PBC Peterhouse
QCC Queens'
ROC Robinson
SCC St. Catharine's
SEL Selwyn
SID Sidney Sussex
TC Theological Colleges
TRH Trinity Hall
FTT First & Third Trinity
VS Vet School
WOC Wolfson

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