Wildlife Guidance

A reminder of the Wildlife guidance from the Cambridge River Users Group (also found in our Guidance for Coxes and Coaches). In the nesting season, locations of known nests are posted here:

  • There have been ducklings sighted both at Combined and along the stretch of boathouses opposite Midsummer Common. There are also some around the P&E / on the long reach.
  • There’s a large number of newly hatched ducklings on Ditton Corner.
  • There is a swans' nest in the reeds just downstream of the backwater on the outside of Ditton Corner. Cygnets are expected soon.
  • There are a pair of swans with three cygnets between the P&E and Ditton Corner.
  • Cygnets have been sighted at Horningsea, with parents, one of which has attacked an VIII.
  • There is another swans' nest near Bottisham Lock.

(Updated 11th June 2018)

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