This section concerns all CUCBC-run races.

    1. That only resident bona fide student members of the University who are also members of the CUCBC be eligible to row or steer in CUCBC races, except as specified in Regulations for Racing, Rule 2. For the purposes of this regulation a bona fide student is defined as one who is in statu pupillari and is therefore:
      1. a matriculated member of a College; and
      2. currently reading for a recognised degree of the University; and
      3. fulfilling the University residence requirements in both time and place.
    2. That other members of the University who are Fellows or Employees or elected or appointed Members of a college may compete for that college only after approval by the Executive Committee and that such approval must be sought within the first two weeks of term. Such rowers or coxes are defined as of 'exceptional status', and the permission stands only for the term in which it is granted. Any person only employed by a college as an academic supervisor is not eligible as an Employee of the college.
    3. That such other 'exceptional status' members of the University will not normally be allowed to compete in their College's 1st boat in the Lent or May Bumps, unless the College has only one boat, or in the top Division of the University Fours. That no more than two such other 'exceptional status' members of a college will be allowed to compete in any boat, and up to a total limit of two for that college in each of the Men's and Women's races. In the May Bumps, the total limit will be four for each of the Men's and Women's races. Exceptional cases (such as Fellows boats) may be permitted at the discretion of the Executive Committee. See Rule 4.c. for details of members of more than one college.
    4. That postgraduate members of the University are eligible to compete for their College in CUCBC races until the end of the term in which they sit their viva voce or other final examination; this would normally be their first viva voce examination, except in cases where resubmission and a second viva voce are required by the University authorities, in which case the CUCBC should be satisfied that there has been no unreasonable delay inserted and in particular that Regulation 1a(iii) is satisfied. For the purposes of deciding eligibility, viva voce examinations completed during any period between University terms are considered as the previous term.
    1. That bona fide degree students at Anglia Ruskin University (rowing as Anglia Ruskin Boat Club, formerly CCAT) be deemed to be equivalent to a College.
    2. That for the purposes of the Lent and May Bumping Races the Clinical Medical and Veterinary Schools may also compete.
    3. Members of the Clinical Medical and Veterinary Schools may compete for their College or for their School until the end of the academic year in which they sit their final exams.
  1. That Women's and Men's races be considered discrete.
    1. That only Men's Crews shall row in Men's races, and only Women's Crews shall row in Women's races, but when the gender of an event is unspecified, mixed crews and crews of either sex may compete.
    2. That a Men's Crew be defined as a crew consisting of oarsmen and no oarswomen, and a Women's Crew be defined as a crew consisting of oarswomen and no oarsmen.
    3. That notwithstanding Rule 3.b above, the coxswain need not be of the same sex as the crew.
    4. That the lowest Men's Crew of a club entered into a set of Bumps be given an exception to Rules 3.a and 3.b and may include up to four oarswomen.
    5. That notwithstanding Rule 3.b above, in CUCBC-run races, trans people should be permitted to participate according to their affirmed gender identity, and that non-binary people should be permitted to participate on the side in which they feel most comfortable.
      1. For the purposes of CUCBC-run races, a trans rower is defined as any rower who does not identify, in whole or in part, with the gender they were assigned at birth regardless of whether any medical or administrative transition steps have been taken.
      2. That under no circumstances can any rower be compelled to disclose any medical history to CUCBC or the committee of any event run under these rules.
      3. That clubs wishing to compete in a non-CUCBC run race must be aware these regulations may differ, and should check eligibility requirements before entering.
    6. That any athlete wishing to race in accordance with Rule 3.e is asked to inform CUCBC in confidence by close of entries. This is intended to protect trans and non-binary rowers from discrimination and appeals on the basis of gender and deter clubs from abusing these rules.
      1. This confidential declaration may be made by a captain of the athlete’s club with consent from the athlete, or directly by the athlete to CUCBC.
      2. Any appeal against an entry on the grounds of ineligibility of a trans athlete must be made by email to CUCBC Executive and Senior Committees. The appeal may only be made on the grounds that the Regulations for Racing have not been adhered to.
      3. Any appeal made to CUCBC regarding the gender of an athlete, where said athlete has made a confidential disclosure to CUCBC, shall be immediately dismissed, and the appealing party informed that no rules have been breached.
    7. Rowers who were assigned female at birth, and do not identify as female, whose college has no men’s crews:
      1. may choose one college where they are not a student to compete with. This choice must be agreed by both the rower and the new adoptive club and both parties must confirm with CUCBC. They are to be regarded as a full member of that college boat club, and not to be limited to the lowest boat irrespective of CUCBC Regulation for Racing 4.b; this decision is made once, does not need to be approved at the Captains meeting, and does not need to be declared every term.
    8. If you are intersex and unable to apply this policy to choose an appropriate rowing team, please contact CUCBC for a confidential discussion.
  2. That the rules concerning composite crews be as follows:
    1. Composite crews shall be allowed for the University Fours only as defined in Rule 56.b.
    2. In all other CUCBC events, with the exception of the Magdalene Silver Pairs and Lowe Double Sculls, the crew, including the coxswain, must be members of the same College; save that in the case where members of a College want to row or steer, but their College Boat Club has no relevant boat in training, then they may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be allowed to row or steer for another named Club in their lowest boat. These members will count towards the limit of two "exceptional status" crew members per boat. Having chosen one such Club they must row or steer for this Club only while their College Boat Club continues to have no boat of its own.
      1. Should a person change colleges and thus be a bona fide student member or full College Fellow of two or more colleges, s/he may then row and/or steer for one of them only in a given term; this must be announced at a CUCBC Meeting at the start of every term.
      2. Should a person obtain permission to compete as an ‘exceptional status’ member of a college in a given term, but have also been a bona fide student member or full College Fellow at another college in the past, s/he may then row and/or steer for one of them only in that term; this must be announced at a CUCBC Meeting at the start of every term.
    1. That the crew which competes in the first heat of a CUCBC event (including the Getting on Race) be considered the official crew for the duration of that event. No change in the official crew shall be allowed, except with the permission of the Executive Committee, which will usually be given only in exceptional circumstances such as accident or illness, or subject to Rule 25 in the case of the Lent and May races.
    2. That before the first heat, approval may be sought from the Executive Committee for a substitute in the first heat. If this is granted, the official crew should be provided in writing by the club concerned to the Executive Committee, and is expected to be the crew which has trained together that term. The official crew must be provided in advance of the first heat.
    3. That substitution of rowers or coxes from crews in a higher position on the River to those in either a lower position or those competing in the Getting on Race shall not be permitted.
  3. That under no circumstances may a crew member rowing in or steering a crew in any race under the jurisdiction of the CUCBC leave the boat except involuntarily until the race is over.
  4. That the maximum entrance fee chargeable for any race run by the CUCBC or a College Boat Club be decided by the CUCBC AGM and that these fees be payable to the Boat Club organising the event.
  5. That during all races under the jurisdiction of the CUCBC the following restrictions, in addition to the Conservators byelaws, on use of the towpath apply to all students and any members of the public that are associated with racing crews: It is anticipated that all Clubs will co-operate by restricting the number of bicycles following racing crews to the absolute minimum. Umpires will be instructed to report any infringement of this Rule, which will be strictly enforced.
    1. No horses, bicycles or tricycles, other than those used by the Umpires and those authorised to be used by each Boat Club for each crew competing shall be allowed on the tow-path between Baitsbite Lock and the Railway Bridge, except by special permission of the Executive Committee.
    2. That videoing using a handheld device whilst cycling with a racing crew will not be permitted. Any Club whose authorised cyclists do not abide by this rule shall be liable to be fined.
    3. In all races the Chief Umpire shall have the authority to limit, at his/her own discretion, the number of persons bicycling with each boat, to avoid congestion on the towpath.
    4. The current limit per racing crew is four cyclists, including the Boatman, any College VIPs and the College Boat Club Senior Treasurer.
    5. Any Club with more than its authorised number of bicycles shall be liable to be fined and/or its crews technically bumped/disqualified.
  6. That in the event of racing emergency or bumps, boats are to pull in to the outside of corners as far as possible.
  7. That each boat abide by its own accidents.
  8. That each boat racing provides such Marshals as requested for each day that it races and for any re-rows that may occur.
  9. That every member of the CUCBC be subject to such regulations for boat racing as the CUCBC may from time to time decide.