Fines and Fixed Penalties During Bumps

Inevitably, due to the nature of the Bumps races, all eventualities cannot be covered here and the Chief and Deputy Chief Umpires may, at their discretion, apply alternative penalties to those listed below. Fines generally relate to the safe and fair running of the races, both on the water and on the towpath. The object is not to catch out crews and clubs, but to encourage safe racing. It is up to Captains and Club officials to ensure their members' competence, sporting attitude and respect for the rules of racing. It is the responsibility of the race officials to ensure that the races take place safely, that the rules are applied consistently and without bias, and that disputes are heard and settled fairly within the practical limitations of the Bumps. If both sides succeed, fining will be minimised, and the Bumps will be more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone.

Fixed penalty offences

  • No Marshal supplied by a club: £15 first occasion; £30, £45, £60 subsequent repeat offences.
  • Marshal late for briefing: £5 first occasion; £10, £15, £20 for repeat offences.
  • Incompetent Marshal supplied: £10.
  • Dropping bung before start: £15. (NB: gaining significant advantage after dropping bung is likely to lead to disqualification or a technical bump against that crew).
  • Bank party size (NB: This applies to each crew individually. More than 4 clearly identifiable cycling supporters, i.e. students, coaches, friends, including the boatman, senior treasurer and any College VIPs; does not include Junior/Senior Umpires or unattributable cyclists): £30 first occasion; £45, £60, £75 subsequent repeat offences. Repeat offences may lead to bumps being disallowed.
  • Failure to show bike pass: £25 (i.e. ignoring pass checking Marshals).
  • Ignoring marshalling instructions: £20 (e.g. restrictions on number and place of practice starts, excessive delays on paddle down).
  • Lack of a bowball, or cox without a lifejacket, leads to crew not being allowed to race and awarding of a technical bump to the chasing crew and a fine of £50.

Variable penalty offences

  • Illegal crew member: £10 - £50, including non-notified substitutions. Rowers must be valid members of the College concerned. While top crews must have bona fide student members, in practice the involvement of College Fellows in lower crews has been encouraged. However, the CUCBC Committee must approve all non-bona fide substitutions before racing begins. Identified illegal rowers will not be allowed to compete further, bumps may be disallowed and technical bumps awarded against offending crews. NB: anyone who rowed or coxed in a crew which gained a place in the Getting on Race may not row or cox respectively the Bumps in a higher crew unless as a bona fide substitute (see Rule 28).
  • Dangerous activity around bumps occurring, including the elements of:
    • late acknowledgement (leading crew).
    • failing to easy (chasing crew).
    • failing to clear the river.
    • abusive behaviour of either crew or associated bank parties.
    Each element may attract a separate fine in the range £20 - £75, depending on the seriousness of the offence. Repeat offences by the same crew on separate days will lead to increased fines.
  • Dangerous coxing: £20 - £75, generally applied in the context of failing to avoid stationary (bumped out) crews, but also relevant to marshalling, paddling to start and returning after the race.
  • Obstruction, abuse, violence towards officials (Marshals, Divisional and Senior Umpires), and general obstruction of, or abusive or violent behaviour on the towpath: £20 - £50.

Depending on the seriousness of any of the above offences, individual offenders, in either crews or bank parties, may be banned from further participation in the Bumps, bumps may be disallowed, and crews may be banned from further participation in races. Finally, crews which demonstrate a dangerous lack of competence during the races may be banned from further racing for safety reasons.